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  • Franchise Startup Fee: $1500 for Purple and Blue Belt training and the DBM combined.
  • This discounted fee covers all three Physical and Academic requirements to start your Franchise.
  • Fee includes approximately 100 hours of training, both in-person (physical) and online (academic).
    • 60 hours – Blue Belt – in-person, hands-on training
    • 27 hours – DBM – online course


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Once you have made your purchase, contact us at (303) 888-5355 and/or email edie@blackbeltsalsa.com for instructions.

Professional BBS Video Membership: (instructors only)

Salsa Video Curriculum Training on both On1 and On2

    • BBS Full Course Syllabus “Videos-Only” Student Membership
      $35 per month OR $184 per year (no refunds)

  • Once you click above, you will be prompted to Register on the following page…

BBS Franchise Ownership Includes the following:

  • Corporate Franchise Location Protection from other BBS School
  • Advertising Worldwide
  • 75% off admission to our annual BBS Summit Continuing Education Convention
  • Training, Manuals, Videos, Website, continuing education …
  • The Complete DBM: (Dance Business Management) online training course (28 hours)
  • Purple Belt Online Training (25 hours)
  • Training on both On1 and On2
  • BBS Blue Belt training either completed online or in person as physical training (does not include travel to your trainer). (25 hours). Qualified franchisees may complete their Blue Belt certification online. Click here for details
  • The complete “Black Belt Salsa” Online Software Enterprise System.
    Includes: Scotty training sheets, Kirk sheets, McCoy videos, and Spock group class details by week for a thirty-six (36) month curriculum
  • 24/7 Access to the entire Dance Business Academy online course materials. (graduates only)
  • Magic 90 Group Class Music Tracks. Five separate, ready-to-use 90-Minute Music Tracks for your Group Classes (Approximately $25 “one-time” music license fee thru iTunes)
  • Professional BBS Cloud Website
    (click here for sample)
    ALL BBS Paid Memberships will now include an instructor website once Purple Belt is Achieved.
    BBS Clouds allow members full access to the entire BBS Enterprise and Dance Business Academy.
  • Commission from Student BBS Memberships!
  • Discounts for yearly continuing education conferences.
  • Advertising of your school to over 100,000 dancers worldwide
    Email, Facebook, Twitter
  • Live Webcasts of all of Edie’s (and others) Weekend Specialty Workshops
    (You may charge your students to view the workshops)
  • Wholesale Discounts on all merchandise and promotional products:
    Instructional DVDs, www.SiteYesterday Websites, student wristbands, patches, T-Shirts, dance wallets, promotional products and materials, posture braces, foot care, hair care, etc.
  • 24/7 Server online usage access
  • Member discount to “retake” any Black Belt Salsa Instructor Certification Belt or Dance Business Management online course.
  • 24/7 Fellow Trainer & BBS Team Support
  • Discount on Continuing Education Fees
  • Weekly BBS Training & Pulse Meetings
    (now recorded and archived by date for International viewers)
  • Access to post your event(s) at the www.DancerHangout.com World Calendar at any time.
  • Access to post Articles about your Event(s) Posted at Dancer Hangout
    (Events must have an accompanying article to post)
  • Your Own Personal Blog at www.DancerHangout.com.
  • Red Belt, DBM Certified Pro or Higher:
    BBS Instructors in Good-Standing may freely use 100% of the BBS Materials provided to Train dancers to Instructor Status.
    Members keep 50% of all fees if new franchise owner wishes to be advertised as a school or instructor with their own BBS Cloud site. Net free of 50% provided to corporate to start their new BBS school.
    (Black Belt Sensei charges a “Certification” fee for online-web-viewing, testing, posting, documenting, and mailing.  Student must pay postage for mailing certificate)
  • DBM Graduates:  Complete DBM Manual
  • DBM Graduates:  Marketing Swipe Files and flyers, brochures, posters, business card templates, how to start a Black Belt School, Access to Edie’s “How to Start a BBS School from Scratch” Daily Diary
  • ALL “Student” Training Materials:
    Training videos, move demo’s, Instructor Notes, Tips, Tricks, and Traps, detailed written hourly course material for the Apprentice/instructor, online support, and printable summary sheets for…

    • Student: 
      White, Orange, Yellow, Camo Green, Purple, Blue, Brown, Red, Red/Black, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, degree Black Belts
  • ALL “Instructor” Training Materials:
    Training videos, move demo’s, Instructor Notes, Tips, Tricks, and Traps, detailed written hourly course material for the Apprentice/instructor, online support, and printable summary sheets for…

    • Apprentice and Instructor:
      Purple, Blue, Brown, Red, Red/Black, 1st, 2nd, 3rd degree Black Belts

Franchise startup fee: $1500
Includes online and physical training, and everything listed above.

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